ab tetsting visitors and clients

What is A/B testing about? Walking with your clients

Providing two different contents (image, title, formation of the page, etc.) for one entity (for example url in websites) and sending it for two group of visitors, chosen randomly and checking the performance of visitors in the scenarios through KPIs, is all the concept of A/B testing.

simple and wise ab test

Why A/B test? Because it’s fun!

The interesting aspect of A/B test is that it’s as simple as it’s wise. You can test two (or more) different scenarios for a single entity, measure and compare their performance on desired KPIs simultaneously. It’s kind of fun! You can run lots of various tests and study the behavior of your users.

Steps of AB Test

how to build your own AB Test

check PINK or BLUE user guide on Medium and YouTube

Start your test

Add a test, choose a name for the test, write a description and create a variant scenario.
Choose the name and write the description wisely to stay on track.

Which part to test?

Choose the part(s) of your website you want to test and Modify the element(s)(Page title, image, …)
Do not change everything at a time; just one or two.

What to measure?

Set KPIs according to the desired "call to actions" for your test (page entrance, average time on page, clicking on a special button, etc.)
Do not bother yourself by setting a bunch of KPIs. One or two is enough.

How much A? How much B?

Specify the percentage of each sample (A and B) for each test scenario.
For low page visit sites, 50-50 is suitable.


Monitor the test through the management panel according to users behavior.
Don't RUSH! Give the test enough time to prove itself.

Learn, Enjoy and Repeat

We are sure the results of the first AB test will lead you to run a second one.
Believe us, it's fun!

ab test webpage view user interface
useful visual reports and summaries for sale and income
ab test different user intreset in e-commerece
test different ways to impact clients
what clients like in e-shops
test various e-shops interface


1. It is a simple snd straightforward plugin to get valuable data from your visitors.

2. It is a wordpress-integrated tool which helps you get rid of additional modifications on your website.

3. It provides you with desirable visual reports and useful summaries on your tests results.

4. It doesn't disturb your website's performance.

get the plugin


some A/B test providers give you lots of options to test in your website and encourage you to use them. This is a common mistake that a/b test users (designers) make and they change many things in their variant scenario and can’t say which change worked better or worse. So avoid bigshots!

Don’t deviate from your REAL goal

don’t waste your time with random tests! Do A/B testing in order to create a better experience for your users and find the best way to convince him/her to call your desired action. So you have to figure out a clear purpose or call to action, then do an A/B test.


to reach meaningful results, A/B test is preferred to be ran step by step. This may take a while to reach a whole solution and knowledge. So have some patience.

GENERAL Solutions

don’t expect general solutions on detailed changes. No one knows your business better than yourself. Listen and read other experiences but never expect a test in another business to have the same result in yours.